Cokes of the World

Ok I admit it. I love Cola like drinks. Here is a collection of Cokes I tasted all around the world. Believe me even the major players available everywhere taste differently at different places. For instance in the US all beverages are sweetened with "High Fructose Corn Syrup" whereas in Germany you'll usually find complete Sugar in it.


Title Country Note Taste
Afri-Cola (1999 - 2006) Germany very nice not to sweet taste with a bitter by note $\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar$
Afri-Cola (after 2006) Germany still not to sweet but with the increased caffeine levels it somehow lost the special taste $\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar$
Pepsi Jazz USA Mmmh.. this one killed half of my tasting cells. It mixes cherry with vanilla flavor with pepsi and the result is some kind of awful artificial tasting drink. Much to sweet (includes artificial sweetener as well) $\bigstar$
Cherry Pepsi USA This tastes even better than the US Cherry Coke but still the Corn Syrup kills the feeling $\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar$
Cherry Cola Germany Even though it could be a little less sweet it is my current favorite $\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar$
Cherry Cola USA Bah… What happened to Cherry-Coke in the US? $\bigstar\bigstar$
Freeway Germany This is the Lidl Discounter Coke and it tastes really cheap. After Taste is not good at all. $\bigstar\bigstar$
Albert Heijn Netherlands No! I threw this one away after a few sips

To be Tasted

Title Country Note
Premium Cola Germany This Cola was born out of an protest that the original Afri-Cola recipe was changed
Schorschi Cola Germany Sounds funny
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